The Saffron

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The Saffron, red gold of Morocco, distinguished by its color, a beautiful dark red, its strong scent and unmatched flavor.
The Saffron is used as a spice and coloring. It is popular in chicken tajine, with red meat, dried meats, couscous ... it delicately flavored tea also.

The Saffron has many other virtues, medicinal this time. Indeed, it is recommended to soothe the pain of childbirth, the pain associated with colds, respiratory problems and early dentures...

The Saffron is also closely related to beauty because it confers anti-aging and antioxidant properties. Sign of protection, it is used to draw signs on the face of the bride.

Finally, The Saffron is one of the oldest natural dyes for textiles and it is also used in the decorative arts.

  • It accompanies meat
  • He scented tea, milk, ice cream
  • It Quiet toothache, period pains.

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